The Process

Step 1. Users Segregate recyclable items and schedule a "Pickup".

Step 2. They are placed into bags with QR codes linked to the user's ID.

Step 3. Collectors collect the recyclable items.

Step 4. Collector sorts and validates users disposal

Step 5. User earns CityPoints for the disposal to redeem on the Cityapp.

CityCollection is an at home incentivised and gamified waste disposal scheme. It encourages and motivates users to use the system to dispose of their recyclable items by rewarding them with a virtual currency called "CityPoints". CityPoints can be used in the CityApp, the customer facing mobile application, to redeem for prizes, coupons and even cash.

How to Schedule a Pickup?

On the CityApp

Step 1. Select the "Schedule" tab on CityApp and choose a
pickup time.

Step 2. Add all the items you want picked up and tap "confirm pickup".

Step 3. Pickup is confirmed.
Keep track of your pickups on CityApp.

Step 4. Redeem the CityPoints you've earned on the "Redeem" tab.

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