Connecting the Waste Management Value Chain
with Technology and Data.

Who are we?

We aim to initiate the change to a complete waste management value chain using technology and data. Disconnected stakeholders and inefficient practices in this value chain has led to disastrous outcomes around the world. Our scalable and functional solutions have been made to target each and every stakeholder connecting them to the next generation of waste collection and processing.

Our Vision

We aspire to proactively strengthen community engagement in safeguarding the environment by introducing a scalable data driven tech ecosystem that incentivises and gamifies proper waste management. We leverage data to integrate the entire waste management value chain to drive efficiency across the industry all the while working towards a more sustainable and accessible future through technology.

Our Pilot

EKVA is a digital platform that aids waste collectors and EPR companies identify waste distribution all the while gamifying the process of waste disposal for users.

Our Pilot


Our Service

An at-home waste collection system that incentivises and gamifies the process of waste disposal.

Our Solutions


The intuitive dashboard that brings together the mass amount data generated on our platform in an efficient and meaningful way.


The sleek customer facing mobile application where users can interface with Ekva and CityCollection and rest of the our services.


A custom marketplace that brings together the fragmented recycling industry and waste collectors.

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